There are a number of Bible Study opportunities for the members, adherents and friends of Faith Church.

Junior Sunday School
The Junior Sunday School has classes for those from kindergarten through high school. It begins before the morning service at 9:15 and opens with a time of worship, singing and prayer in the sanctuary. The class materials are thoroughly Reformed, evangelical, God-centered and biblical.

Adult Sunday School
The Adult Sunday School class meets at 9:15 am, before the morning service begins. Pastor Saville is currently leading a study on the Sacraments.

Coffee Break Women’s Bible Study
Each Tuesday morning from 9:30 to 11:00 a group of about twenty women meet for Bible Study and fellowship. They are led in the study by Mrs. Heather Light who began this ministry some twenty years ago. Various books of the Bible are studied as are themes such as prayer or evangelism. The group is warm and supportive. Babysitting is provided.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study
Each Wednesday morning the pastor leads a Bible Study from 10:00-11:00. This study group is currently making its way through the book of Genesis.