Ken Ramsay (1991 – 2014)
Minister emeritus

Pastor Ken was ordained in the United Church of Canada in 1985. He was received into the Reformed Church in America in January of 1991. He was the founding pastor of the Faith Reformed Church in Stevensville and guided the congregation spiritually from the time they began meeting in the gym of the Stevensville Public School to today when they gather at a church facility completed in 1996 and expanded in 2005. In September 2013 Pastor Ken announced his retirement for health reasons. The consistory, with the approval of classis, then conferred upon him the title Minister emeritus.

Pastor Ken served the church at the regional level on the Classis Ontario Church Planning and Development Committee and the Overtures and Judicial Business Committee and as President of Classis. He served the wider church as a member of the Synod of Canada’s Judicial Business Committee and as a delegate to the General Synod of the Reformed Church in America. Over the years he published a number of articles in Theological Digest and The Pioneer.

Pastor Ken was married to Cathy for 29 years. Their one daughter, Elizabeth, lives in Stevensville with her husband Cole and their children Daisy, Ella, Charlie, and Benjamin. They are members of Faith Reformed Church.

Ken’s Uganda Trip