Message for the month of January: “It’s never too late to be born again and start anew.”

But the (Helper), the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things. John 14:26
When you became a Christian, you began an exciting relationship with Christ; but it did not mean the end of your problems. More than likely, you have discovered intense struggles with temptations, test, and trials that are an inevitable part of the Christian’s road to maturity.
But you can “take heart”, for you do have supernatural help in your spiritual journey. Jesus’ words of warning were couched in the promise that he would send the Holy Spirit to aid the believer.

May the Holy Spirit help lead us in prayer.

(Writing of the Holy Spirit above taken from writing of Charles Stanley.)

Each week I list some names for prayer. These are our brothers or sisters in Christ that may not be in a crisis situation but we pray for their well being. 

  • Audrey
  • Dave and Barbara
  • Russell and Maureen
  • Henry and Nel
  • Ernie and Pat 

My prayer for all is to love one another as yourself and humble ourselves in prayer. Anything can be possible with prayer and a relationship with our Holy Father. God loves you, all the time. A prayer can make things better. ❤️🙏