Message of the month: “Let the son shine in.”

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Faith Reformed church. I have listed some names to pray blessing on.

Meditation, prayer, what a privilege to be with our Lord. Quiet meditation, when everything is quiet and we’re lost in meditation, our soul is then preparing for a deeper dedication.

Psalm 119:97 – Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long.

Today close out the noise of everyday living and listen to that hushed voice deep within. Meditate in silence.

We pray for each other in times of need and praise. I have listed names of our brothers and sisters that we can pray for. Thankfulness and blessings, yes, for each other. 

Pray for:

  • Nancy
  • Sue and Matthew
  • Cathy
  • Martha and Dwight
  • Linda